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Yoni Eggs Jade  Set of 3

Yoni Eggs Jade Set of 3

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Yoni eggs are polished, egg-shaped, semi-precious stones designed to support the health and vitality of the vagina. Nur Naturals come pre drilled for a string for easy removal while others have no string attached and encourage you to trust the journey the egg has in store for you — meaning you wait until it's ready to release itself. Yoni eggs are inserted for the blessings of each respective stone but also for pelvic floor strengthening achieved by pelvic muscle exercises known as Kegels. The eggs take this practice to the next level as they provides the yoni with something to hold on to.

Emotional/Spiritual benefits: 

Jade is the most kind and grounding stone in the universe, and is endlessly devoted to it’s owner. It is a gentle gem intended to protect and encourage peaceful energy in the heart and throughout the body. Jade is a crystal of love. It is supportive of new love, and increases trustworthiness and fidelity. This crystal is ideal for women who are particularly sensitive to energy, healing from an illness, or overcoming sexual trauma because nephrite jade quickens physical and emotional healing processes. Jade is also known as the “dream stone”, and assists in dream recall, analysis and connection to ancient wisdom. It aids in balancing male and female energy and works to stabilize and protect the body and mind.