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Yoni Eggs Obsidian Set of 3
Yoni Eggs Obsidian Set of 3

Yoni Eggs Obsidian Set of 3

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Yoni eggs are polished, egg-shaped, semi-precious stones designed to support the health and vitality of the vagina. Nur Naturals come pre drilled for a string for easy removal while others have no string attached and encourage you to trust the journey the egg has in store for you — meaning you wait until it's ready to release itself. Yoni eggs are inserted for the blessings of each respective stone but also for pelvic floor strengthening achieved by pelvic muscle exercises known as Kegels. The eggs take this practice to the next level as they provides the yoni with something to hold on to.

Emotional/Spiritual benefits: 

Black stones have protective energies and symbolize self-control, truth, and resilience. Obsidian is a very protective stone and is excellent for removing negativity. In particular, obsidian protects the gentle from abuse and is used to cut attachment cords to release old patterns. It is a very grounding stone, and very healing.

Black Obsidian is an extremely powerful and fast acting stone and should be used with respect in crystal healing. Obsidian is often described as the “Stone of Truth”,  it can sometimes bring negative emotions and unpleasant memories to the surface, to help work through and heal the emotional wounds. Some people find Obsidian’s effects very strong and prefer to start with a gentler stone.

It is said to form a shield against negativity and to absorb negative energies from the environment, because of this it should be cleansed regularly in running water.