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Nur Naturals

Experience the Art of Wellness with Hand Crafted Natural Skin Care Products .

About Us

Nur Naturals Our Story

Huma Farook-Lyons M.S. Ed. is the Founder and CEO of luxury plant-based skincare brand Nur
Naturals. Huma is a respected former educator, farmer and investor. Creating Nur Naturals has been full of trial & error! As a first-time mother in 2017, Huma looked for anything, especially natural and plant-based products, for her newborn daughter Nafisa Nur. Nothing on the market, was good enough. She knew she would have to create something herself.

 After researching ingredients, Huma turned her kitchen into an experimental laboratory, committed to creating a product that would be beneficial to the
skin. From that kitchen, the first body butter for Nafisa Nur was created. Friends took notice, asking for more and more samples. Soon samples turned into requests for products that they needed personally! With that Nur Naturals grew and grew eventually into Store Front Boutique in the Summer of 2021 in Hammond Indiana.


The Nur Naturals Boutique was carefully designed with clientele in mind, have a custom fragrance table as a main attraction! Huma wanted to create space for customers to create customized scents for their Products, and it’s been a hit..

The Nur Naturals Boutique is celebrating its Second Year in Business July of
2023. Please visit us at NurNaturals.com for your Natural Skincare Needs

Nur Naturals

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