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Nur Naturals- Yoni Steam Service

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Yoni Steam Service at 6940 Indianapolis Blvd In Hammond – Nur Naturals


What can I expect during a Yoni Steaming session?

The process is simple.  One will sit on a bottomless chair custom designed to allow gently steaming herbs to be placed underneath you.  You are draped from the chest down in a cape that covers the chair in its entirety for warmth and to retain the steam which brings heat to the pelvis and womb. The process is gentle and extremely relaxing!  

You can bring a book or a journal or listen to music on your headphones (although the room has soothing music) or you can take this time to sit quietly or meditate.  

 How does a Yoni Steam work?

Because of the abundance of blood vessels and mucus membranes, it is believed  that the essence of the plant compounds are more easily absorbed through the walls of the vagina.  Because of this permeability, doctors often prescribe vaginal suppositories to fight infections or balance hormones. The vaginal steams have been thought to  soften and cleanse the uterine wall of accumulated debris. The steam does not directly enter the womb, but the warmth of the steam softens the tissues, relaxes the belly and pelvic floor, and increases blood and lymph flow. In Chinese medicine it is seen as helping to relieve coldness and stagnation in the body.  The yoni tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body.

The Yoni Steam also  provides purification and release.   Steaming helps women to literally purify their core and release energy and matter they no longer wish to hold in their wombs. It allows women to forgive themselves and others for unpleasant incidents that have occurred over their lifetimes. Steam treatments allow the womb to clear out old residue. As that matter releases, women likewise release emotional feelings that have been stuck inside. It can be a very profound healing tool for women to overcome old emotions and trauma.

Why are herbs used?

In general, herbs are used that promote circulation, cleanse, reduce yeast and bacteria, reduce inflammation, strengthen,  nourish, and tone. Herbs are optional. 

What herbs are used with Yoni steaming?

Some common herbs that are used:

  • Rosemary: An aromatic and antimicrobial herb,improves circulation.
  • Dandelion:  Promotes healthy circulation, cleanse, and tones. 
  • Lavender: Super relaxing herb, calms the spirit, mind, and body. Antispasmodic. Nourishing to the nervous system.
  • Rose Petals: A relaxing, uplifting, and astringent herb that is wonderful for pampering.
  • Yarrow: Astringent, toning, and cleansing.  Supports overall uterine health.
  • Red Raspberry-  Toning to the uterine muscles.
  • Motherwort:  Astringent, toning, and cleansing.
  • Calendula: Aids in healing of scar tissue, vaginal tears or hemorrhoids.

All of our herbs are certified organic and free of chemicals.


Can I steam without the use of herbs?

Yes!  We offer steaming with mineral salts and organic rose petals or lavender only.  Steaming in general allows the women to reconnect with herself and send love and positive energy to the womb. Steaming is  a way to deepen the connection with the body through a nourishing practice, which is very empowering.


What does the word Yoni means?

 Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, mean "divine passage" or "sacred temple"


How private is the session?

This service is private, This  service can be shared with your  girlfriends, ladies night "in", retreat, bridal shower etc. You are fully robed during your steam.  Your modesty is never compromised.


When should I avoid doing a steam?

While on your cycle; During a fever; While pregnant or if there is any possibility of pregnancy; Caution With an IUD; With any open cuts / wounds / stitches/sores.


I have no problems, can I still do a steam? 

Steaming  can be done  even when nothing is “upset,” as it can  nourish, strengthen, and tone the uterus.  It is also relaxing and meditative and leaves you with a sense of well being.  Just as one can drink tea everyday, one can steam each day(unless there are certain conditions).  Caring for our vaginal tissues and uterus is a GOOD thing to add to our lives.


Can women benefit from the Yoni Steam if she has had a  hysterectomy or has gone through menopause?

Absolutely . Women in any cycle of life can benefit from the Yoni  Steam.